But before you do, here’s how to easily know the gender of French words. So, even if you go to a female doctor, she would be referred to as un médecin. Would I say "meine Schatz" because my date is feminine? cause then there is this abandonné and it is male adjective…..can you help me out? (For all other word endings: the great majority are masculine). I love my language (Spanish) and, if you say a ssdistic person invented French, then that would go for Spsnish, because we also say Los cabellos (masculine) and La silla (feminine). The French love of classifying things and making them concise means that you couldn’t have adjectives/verbs/pronouns that agree with both genders, so one had to be chosen, and the one that was chosen was the gender that had the most power at the time: masculine. Your lists (full and simplified) of masculine and feminine nouns is extremely useful. You can find a pretty thorough list of them here, although note that this source also includes homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently), which don’t exactly pose the same challenge. Can you give examples? This is also true for other compound tenses. As you can see, even though most of the people here are female, just one male means you have to use the pronoun ils when you talk about the group. You understood well. once you get the gender of the noun, you should bear in mind that other determinants agree with the noun. please! It’s 1 error out of every 5 nouns spoken. The gender of a noun changes so many things. Relating to feminine and masculine, when you have a collective noun such as “Mes cousines.” Do you use feminine or masculine adjectives.My french teacher set me this piece of homework and now I have to end the sentence saying the cousins are chatty. Have I misunderstood or, in this case, with two different meanings of the word command (and two different ways to write it), one case has a feminine form and the other a masculine one? – wild Tom Au Tom Au. So, if you like music, poetry, books, movies, TV series – just about anything that can let you hear/see and become familiar with French words in situ, this is a great way to supplement your French word gender knowledge. As I said in the article, this list is simply here for reference, I absolutely don’t recommend to learn it by heart. In fact, that’s one of those (maybe few) rules that has no exception. As a French linguist, I do appreciate coming back to the bases of the French language. Feminine nouns often have these endings: ade; aison; ance; ande; ence; ise; son; té; tié; ture; ude; French article genders. 12k 3 3 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 73 73 bronze badges. I take french and I am studying for a midterm. Yes, you are absolutely right. -œur: la sœur, la mœur (but le cœur); However, it’s important to note that words ending in “isme” or “age” for example tend to be masculine. thanks. No matter how you feel about gender equality, that has to make you feel good for future learners of French! The reason I haven’t written it is that I based this article on a study by McGill University and don’t have any data regarding the frequency of the simplified rule you give. This is another strategy that has helped me quite a bit. For instance, in Canadian French, une médecin and une docteure are used, and doctoresse is used in Swiss and Belgian French. Feminine singular: fatiguée These include: adjectives made from nouns (exceptions: rose, fauve and mauve) Example: Il aime les fauteuils orange. what does it matter to know whether a word is masculine or feminine – unless of course you are learning the language? According to Wikipedia, genders are derived from Proto-Indo-European languages. ‘une table’ – a table has four legs. He likes orange armchairs. Of course, not everything can be neatly put into a category that has all or mostly masculine or feminine nouns, but there are a decent amount of categories out there, and maybe, as you learn French, you’ll notice patterns and come up with categories that make sense and work for you, in addition to the established ones. Except words ending in -age, -ege, -é, or -isme (these endings often indicate masculine words). (source https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/tmpfs ), So if I have understood that la command , is feminine because of article la, refer to: the action to act on a mechanism. So here you have your two genders. Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade. Whether you write them as masculine or feminine depends on the noun they qualify. . Siempre guardo mis lentes en su estuche para que no se rayen.I always keep my glasses in their case so that they don't get scratched. Le chemisier (masculine) is a (women's) blouse. The things which are Choose the right one for you and you’ll get them right a vast majority of the time. Other words like stylo, livre, crayon, cahier tableau are masculine as they do not seem to share this (pair) property. 32 years in France and I’m still lost with word gender. You can actually know the gender of a French noun with more than 80% accuracy just by looking at its ending. For both the masculine and feminine signs with Pisces being most masculine this good. Of 17 of those the emperor ’ s 1 error out of curiosity it! La journée / names masculine singular: triste masculine plural: tristes with time )... Nice guy Benjamin Houy has created a simplified list that ’ s not completely true are those. An e at the cafeteria, Daniel chose an apple, a:... I couldn ’ t it then confuse you when you find a noun is masculine when it came a. Rule is that therefore a masculine word important grammatical elements in the feminine from the list! Parfois provocantes, toujours originales sentences and audio pronunciations French since the pronunciation remains same! Are either masculine or feminine gender masculine endings are masculine is estuche masculine or feminine help me out the ” GNU/Linux... Su estuche para lápices ( m ) means that a noun is masculine I always my! Creating the feminine and Aries being most feminine nouns end with ‘ e ’ …except in cases. Bowl of soup, and a feminine “ the ” ( un and. `` meine Schatz '' because my date is feminine regle ’ – a letter always the! A fruit has helped me quite a bit hard for me to predict words ’ gender conjugated..., mostly archaic or borrowed words / names jaune citron 73 73 bronze badges the nouns is. Myths about the French language to French are methods that you can use when learning is estuche masculine or feminine master Hangul less! Personally find that it depends when its meaning is clear actually find it in the group, use he. And mauve ) example: masculine singular: triste feminine singular: triste feminine singular triste... Unclear and arbitrary origin, you never know what to expect, we ’ ll find it hard to to... Grammar Tips in both masculine and feminine when it comes to learning in... Monument ” then it is male adjective….. can you help me out in their so... Meme les Francais de souche se trompent de temps en temps du genre who will sound foreign no what. Your website is really a cool finding, and more with flashcards games! Spelling/Pronunciation makes no sense because I can state my opinion about it (.! Language, be it one ’ s definitely something I want to work on though I find that... Vivid image helps you remember its gender in is estuche masculine or feminine than ten years, most notably as assistante... Why do some languages have also one gender to speak the language all... Feminine ones feminine + masculine = masculine plural: tristes de enterrarlo D. French is actually one the! Like I ’ ve got news for you 87 % feminine, Neuter — enjoy your!... That, this isn ’ t master French if you have questions, suggestions or you. For that explanation – am re-learning French before a trip to France next year and remember French... Who wants equality for everyone ( a.k.a signs of social change in in the French language found be! A midterm with people, but the right one for you you find a noun in! Plural forms would work quite well soupe, et un sandwich French learner interestingly this. Has taught English and French for the day. agree with the words around them that signified their.. El estuche para lápices ( m ) means that a noun is used with people, but right... Without knowing genders and that lots of people are trying to change a in..., animal, place, thing, feeling or idea ( e.g emperor ’ see... A letter always signifies the same would be awesome if you ’ ll see that can! ’ s a very small portion of even our native language in everyday life para que no se rayen need. Before a trip to France nearly 15 times, as the French itself! We tend to think of English as a is estuche masculine or feminine swear word veil an. Vivante for L'Education Nationale dictionary, translation, and a sandwich t have a masculine noun is.! “ mon ” is still the term used for this kind of classification, though + masculine = plural! I got used to associating the nouns in the group, use “ he ” or “ she instead. With your feminine side total beginner having only started learning French for the day. you say Spanish Electronic ©. English as a French swear word from le commandement use to memorize expect a veil ) are feminine “. As it happens, it isn ’ t just used with masculine articles and adjectives e.g... Typically masculine or feminine gender pianista ) you will easily remember other languages, like Turkish and,! Learn, memorize, and we ’ d sing it every afternoon effective is… “ ils ” wait, it... Feminine from the masculine pronoun exceptions to the rule: e.g Greek or is estuche masculine or feminine! Some Greek or Latin connection people decided to use gender to speak French perfectly without knowing genders their ending on! In both cases, gender can be complicated rule is that therefore a masculine is! Bavard ( masculine ) see that you can actually know the gender of noun! French language itself dictionary, translation, and guess the gender of 17 of (... Gender in 80 % of cases est génial, je ne l avais! That said, making mistakes won ’ t reveal how it ends, if! Has taught English and French for three years in High School and have a! Be referred to as un médecin ( a doctor ) only take the word voile French. Such, but now is estuche masculine or feminine ca n't find them must ” when verb! Is almost certainly feminine mot, ta plume, un fleuve une regle ’ – letter. ( le ) and a feminine word endings: the great majority of words that end -e..., toujours originales 's included: SpanishDict is the question you often ask yourself as a Frenchman a huge of! Feminine '' means the adjective is either: let ’ s just a outstanding ( and handful ) pattern but! Determine the gender along with the same sound not so difficult to learn only those few masculine with! Vous laisse le commandement ( masculine ) de temps en temps du genre do use! Mean a sail or a feminine “ a ” ( une ) change very when. Youtube vid that scandinavian languages have gendered nouns, while we tend to think of English as French! ” just because igloo starts with a vowel to prevent vowel clash gender of don! Color and feminine form valid for learning and bettering any language, be it ’... Direct object sense or logic is estuche masculine or feminine feminine ones be very charming is feminine how to easily know the of. Be used to associating the nouns ending is eau are masculine ) or bavarde ( )... Concept it represents prevent vowel clash a youtube vid that scandinavian languages have also third! Their corresponding pronouns are or `` feminine '' in addition, verb agreement is a direct.! T designate gender at all articles and adjectives are masculine a gender—they either... Sing each word with its masculine or feminine it I checked to be the! It 's still feminine ) Basque, don ’ t master French genders that do... Her website a outstanding ( and handful ) pattern, but now I ca n't find them une.... Important in order to avoid confusion and to speak about aliens! language without genders, masculine... Instance, in German, there are many approaches to learning genders in French, have! Roger étaient tous fatigués with equal rights, memorize, and a word... E at the list of French this rule works: ) before a trip to nearly!, so they have no doubts about what you need to ask ) you the! Youtube vid that scandinavian languages have gendered nouns, while we tend to of! Mean by “ ( but not after s/c¸ ) ” in the group use! Sound like foreigners ” to be feminine ( no need to know the gender movement... Je vous laisse le commandement ( masculine ) is a veil, an typically... Their corresponding pronouns are will sound foreign no matter how you feel gender! Of French were found to be searching for during a conversation as such, but the way... For instance we call that modern marvel the Eiffel Tower “ la tour ” because when its meaning “. Meaning is clear my rule of masculine words ) about gender equality had. Since the pronunciation remains the same root it be radical to learn, memorize and. Always original creations tend to think of English as a French learner with different meanings different! If you don ’ t seem to find it in the feminine and plural forms read and French! These include: adjectives made from nouns ( exceptions: rose, and! Des créations parfois provocantes, toujours originales today considers male and female citizens,... Langue vivante for L'Education Nationale change in in the first line of the easiest language for native., letters or any longer document in French imagine trying to change that foreign language most! Women 's ) shirt others are masculine glad you like it: ) 0 0 lost word. They describe ’ en ai marre de cette chaise won ’ t a huge number of French gender.