as … sorry for not posting in like a year I couldn’t really find any good content I might post vids every now and then though :) It is obtained by a secret code (only 8 people can use): d!sc0rdp3t-8. Bubble Gum Simulator pet trading. Download now Direct download link (Windows) NEW ️ROBLOX HACK SCRIPT BUBBLE GUM SIMULATOR AUTO FARM is new addition to our database. Overview. BUBBLE GUM SIM LEGENDARY PET GIVEAWAYS on My Discord! 0 vote in January No reviews yet Join Server Vote 0. i'm pretty sure Jammie the owner of the Rumble Studios discord server might be in the Jailbreak discord server so you might be able to direct message him there if you join the server. This is one of the rarest pets in the game. So a few months ago i was banned for saying the words "cross trade" in the official bubble gum sim discord, now that i am trying to fully commit into bgs trading, i cannot access a ton of servers to help me get better things and im wondering if there is a way that i can appeal and get unbanned Joining Bubble Gum Simulator Trading... Back to Bubble Gum Simulator Trading Find more public trading discord servers here: !Discord Username: WolfStarGD#6300DO NOT TAG ME This program has been released just recently and its includes latest ant detection system, built in proxy and VPN support, and self-adaptation for supported operating systems. 1 person redeemed the code and it gave them a Shiny version. : Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator brand new hack/script with op features! Discord: SOON!!! Discord is a mythical pet in Bubble Gum Simulator 2. Codes can give items, boosts, currency, pets, & more.They can be redeemed by inputting the code in the "Codes" tab. Codes can come from Twitter (), Discord (), or Twitch (rumble_studios) accounts.They are not case sensitive. Bubble Gum Simulator Trading Come To My Server Where You Can Trade Your Pets To People In My Server You Can Ask This server is simply for having fun and meeting new people! Discord Bots; Join Our Discord; Add Your Server; Advertise; Login; Bubble Gum Simulator.