2. The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique. Since the mid 1800's, the frame is made of cast iron which holds the hundreds of parts of the piano much better, and makes it an instrument that may last for many years. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. The shorter the string - the higher its frequency - and the higher its sound. Hardcover. Vous pouvez voir la première page de chaque partition avant achat. The height of the sound is determined by the frequency of the string. In order to balance the volume between the notes in the bass section and the other notes, more strings are added to the other keys. and the sound coming out is like that of a monster, while at the other end of the piano the frequency is about 4000, and the sound coming out there is very sharp. Noté /5. And 300 years of experience with the mechanics of a piano’s action has resulted in keyboards that feel great and stay in tune better. The damper's purpose is to prevent vibration of the strings by pushing down on them. thus you can sustain only selected strings and continue playing with both hands on other keys while some strings still vibrate and produce sound window.zEmbed||function(e,t){var n,o,d,i,s,a=[],r=document.createElement("iframe");window.zEmbed=function(){a.push(arguments)},window.zE=window.zE||window.zEmbed,r.src="javascript:false",r.title="",r.role="presentation",(r.frameElement||r).style.cssText="display: none",d=document.getElementsByTagName("script"),d=d[d.length-1],d.parentNode.insertBefore(r,d),i=r.contentWindow,s=i.document;try{o=s}catch(e){n=document.domain,r.src='javascript:var d=document.open();d.domain="'+n+'";void(0);',o=s}o.open()._l=function(){var e=this.createElement("script");n&&(this.domain=n),e.id="js-iframe-async",e.src="https://assets.zendesk.com/embeddable_framework/main.js",this.t=+new Date,this.zendeskHost="pianoplayit.zendesk.com",this.zEQueue=a,this.body.appendChild(e)},o.write(''),o.close()}(); SKU of the score is 124026. The Mechanics of Piano Technic: A Primer of the Movements and Forces Used in Piano Playing, with Pre keeping it in the background for as long as the pedal is pressed down, and you are free to continue playing the piano with both hands. //
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