Material Design Navigation Drawer II: Styling 2. An example of a popular Android app that implements the navigation drawer is the Inbox app from Google, which uses a navigation drawer to navigate to different sections of the … Navigation drawer used to navigate many screens or functionalities of the app by clicking on the ‘hamburger’ icon. Library Navigation drawer material design. This is the first of 3 publications. Figure 3. By default, a navigation drawer has a 1px right border that separates it from content. It aligns to the 16dp keyline. Navigation Drawer semi-transparent over status bar not working. If you are on a desktop, the navigation drawer should be visible at all times on the left hand side of the browser window. When using the class MDNavigationDrawer skeleton of your KV markup should look like this: Root: MDNavigationLayout: ScreenManager: Screen_1: Screen_2: MDNavigationDrawer: # This custom rule should implement what will be appear in your MDNavigationDrawer ContentNavigationDrawer. 2. Easy to use. In this post, we’ll take forward our learning on android material design. Subject: Navigation Drawer - Material Design, When using the design please remove all images and strings referring to Live-O. Following the span, add a