You will also notice the large supercell near your destination. Death Stranding All Uca Facility Locations . In total, this will mean your Save folder for Death Stranding will be close to 900 MBs of data (each Auto-Save is a little under 13 MBs) and if HDD space is a major issue for you, you may want to take this in to consideration. Keep in mind that you have the ability to make multiple trips before delivering the order in full by storing the entire order contents in the private locker at the starting facility before you set off. Don't let the timespan worry you though, you will have an unlimited amount of time to take care of the post-game content. Great Deliverer Remember Blood Bags and weapons will be offered from other players if you are low so look out for these offerings. The People’s Porter Trail-Blazer Standard Orders are available to deliver after you complete Order #9 "Power Supply Unit Delivery: Wind Farm" within the story. Find guides to this achievement here. By the end of this step you should unlock: Play through the story and deliver every "Order for Sam" that is given to you. The addition of other user's ladders, climbing anchors, signs indicating collectibles and Ziplines, will not only make the journey easier but will also remind you that you are not alone in what can sometimes feel like a solitary experience. Use hematic grenades and any other blood-ammunition weapon to chip away at the Catcher's health, until it is poisoned enough by Sam's fluids to seize up and crystallize. The episode continues with some more story elements and the delivery of Order #55 [order details are a story spoiler] from Mountain Knot City to Heartman's Lab. If you have Sam call out in the vicinity of another user's structure, ladder or climbing anchor, you should hear a response back and receive this trophy. Step 1 – Play through the story In Sam we trust Trophy. These are easier to carry in large quantities but you may not ever receive enough of the lighter versions of the materials in order to use them for these upgrades. By the end of both of these methods you should be close or above Grade 60 for most of the categories. Story Related, Cannot Be Missed We've got your back. Every delivery will be awarded with a number of Likes that count toward your connection rating with a facility. Share. This will allow you to start working through the Standard Orders and picking the Premium Option to work towards S ranking 20 Premium Deliveries in each of the four categories (See Growth of a Legend ). Below you will find all the trophies, as well as tips, tactics and tips. You are welcome to seek these facilities out during the story progression (see In Sam We Trust) if you so desire. Lastly, you will need to read through all of your interview files and emails from the facilities you receive once you form a strong connection with each. You will unlock this through normal gameplay. To see a comparison of whistling and playing the harmonica, please see this link: Death Stranding – Harmonica Footage Home; Cool Stuff. When you complete Order #65 in Episode 9: Higgs, you will receive an email that will unlock a hidden room you can enter to receive this trophy. As long as you eventually add the last needed material to reach Level 3, you will get the credit. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Death Stranding for PlayStation 4 (PS4). It is a large shipment, and after you receive the order, you will be given one more piece of cargo. All Roads Lead to the UCA Published Nov. 11, 2019, 9:59 a.m. about Death Stranding… A guide to every Death Stranding Trophy. Within the game, the item will be made and other players will be given the option of delivering the item for you. (Collectible) At the onset of this order you will walk into another BT Catcher fight. Reach a total of 2,400 Likes on the Results Screen. If you discover Lost Cargo for a Prepper you have yet to meet in your travels (such as the Ludens Fan, the Musician, or the Collector), this is a good opportunity to deliver the cargo and start working on adding them to the UCA because there are six Preppers you will never be introduced to through the story and will need to get all 36 on the UCA and at 5 stars eventually (see In Sam We trust and Best Beloved for more details on these tasks). This means doing lots of deliveries for them. There are plenty of customizations you can apply to either an upgraded structure, your backpack, or custom colors for your gear (suit, glasses, hat, vehicles etc.) Reach Grade 10 in any delivery evaluation category. If, instead, you are having trouble getting a Prepper to give you anything over 2 stars (namely The Elder, The Film Maker, The Veteran Porter, or The First Prepper) then you should refer to In Sam We Trust for full details on how to nudge a stubborn Prepper on to the UCA. You will want to take a few weapons with you for this and you can use the lethal handgun, rifle and grenade unlocked after the previous order for the next sequence without worry of a voidout. Welcome to Neoseeker's Official Guide for Death Stranding! You must level up all of them for the following trophies: In Sam We Trust – Connect all facilities to the UCA. Please Note: As mentioned above, much of the theme of this game is about connectivity with other players. You will not reach 700 items until well into the post-game grind, unless you are going well out of your way to get standard orders completed during the story. These orders can further be completed as Premium Deliveries to work towards the 80 "Legend of Legends" S Rank rated deliveries for Growth of a Legend but these are best done post-game and can only be accomplished on Hard difficulty. Please see the following six trophies that are considered online trophies: BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond, Death Stranding – Delivery Time S rank (Legend of Legends), Growth of a Legend trophy on a multi-trip timed delivery in Death Stranding, Death Stranding - Fount of Knowledge (1 of 2), Death Stranding - Fount of Knowledge (2 of 2), The Northeastern Healing Spring – East of The Craftsman, The Crater Digestive Bath – Southwest of The Film Maker, World's End Miracle Pool – South of The Novelist's Son/North of The Photographer, The Hidden Valley Digestive Bath – Just past The Doctor, past the rocks on the left, The Falling Snows Invigorating Waters – 20 meters in front of The Roboticist, The Heartwarming Spa – On Top of Heartman's Lab, The Recharging Spring – South of The Evo-Devo Biologist. The links here will take you to youtube with annotated timestamps for each memory chip: These delivery bots can be used whenever you choose and they will count as a Standard Order if you are attempting to knock out the Deliveries Done trophy. These can yield over 2,000 Likes on a Standard order and even larger quantities of Likes if you can complete them as Premium Deliveries at S Rank level. Again, there's no need to use hematic ammunition, stick to regular ammo so as not to drain your blood bags more than you need. Hit again to hook BB back up to your suit or release and you should be on your way. You will have plenty of time to take care of everything else the world of Death Stranding has to offer in the post-game so don't worry about any of that. If you would like to see an example of a successful multi-trip time-focused Legend of Legends ranked delivery, click the link to see the delivery that gave me the Growth of a Legend trophy here: Growth of a Legend trophy on a multi-trip timed delivery in Death Stranding. Open at your own risk. Build your first structure (signs, ladders, and climbing anchors also count.). Take all you can carry to the private locker of the destination facility and return however many times you need to get everything at the destination. Dispose of chiralium-contaminated cargo in the crater lake for the first time. Like and Be Liked In this article, we feature all condition and types of trophies available in Death Stranding! Do you have a question about this trophy? At any time you need to repair stamina or if you want to do a Quick Save of your progress, hold down and Sam will sit down and the game will auto-save. You will likely get to three out of five stars with one of the Knot City facilities or Distribution Centers without any need for outside effort or Standard Order deliveries just through the story gameplay. If you at any time played on Very Easy to Normal Difficulty, now is the best time to switch to Hard for the rest of your gameplay. The amount of weight that Sam transports can be tracked in the Bridge Links section of your menu, in the "Orders" tab. You can also soothe BB while resting at a Safehouse or Knot City. Full list of all 63 DEATH STRANDING achievements. Once you enter the room, you will receive this trophy. Best Beloved – Reach the maximum connection level with all facilities. Episode 4 is a short boss fight sequence. Story Related, Cannot Be Missed If you are completing every Order for Sam, you will automatically complete a road section in Order #25 at the very beginning of Episode 3 in Lake Knot City. One of the best features in Death Stranding are the signs posted by other players and that feature really shines with this collectible. Any Porter in a Storm This can be materials, grenades, repair spray, any item you can always get somewhere else. You will want to instigate a Catcher fight by heading to the right of the relay. Hold to aim and to release the fluid on to the ground. This will give you the option to donate any item that is not cargo intended for delivery to the facility for others to use. A New Day for the UCA You will work through the smaller facilities high in the mountains and will eventually be given Order 53: Stone Fragment Delivery for the Spiritualist from the Mountaineer. In Sam We Trust. This will fulfill the requirement for this trophy. This category will grow quickly through Likes you receive from structure use by other players or NPC Porters and should be the first to reach 60 without much work, as long as you are playing your game while online. Memory Chips are Death Stranding's only collectible of note. Show completed trophies. Story Related, Cannot Be Missed and you will unlock many of them as you play through the story orders and develop your star ratings with the facilities. The Past Guides the Present Story Related, Cannot Be Missed As you run out of ammunition, more blood bags and weapons will be provided around the map. Interviews are received the same way as emails and provide longer texts from NPCs that flesh out the story further. The memory chip can also be found just to the left of the pharaoh bust in the back-right corner of the room if you want to grab that while you are there. The important step to make an exchange work is to go into your cargo menu immediately after this event and Offload an item on to the floor between you and the Porter. I Couldn't Hold it In! The Automation Revolution The good news is that you can upgrade other player's structures and as long as you are adding the final materials to upgrade a structure to Level 3, it will count in-game as you completing the Level 3 upgrade. If you choose to not complete the optional Order, you will need to find an Auto-paver in your travels and add enough materials to the device to qualify as initializing the next road section. (Online) A Thirst for Knowledge I used them throughout the gameplay just to watch them jaunt away as they sing a little ditty but it was mostly for entertainment purposes only. Head down to the cabin to initialize the next episode. On Hard, this option can award you many more Likes (which in turn increases your connection with a facility through a 5 star rating system) and gives you the opportunity to be awarded a Legend of Legends Ranking on the Premium Delivery. Rebuilding America A Baby Blessing None of … (Online) The only thing you cannot do in quick succession is fabricate multiple vehicles. On your first BT encounter or near fall, you will receive Likes from your BB. The setting will be different but the methods you used in the past should work just as well. The game retains up to 69 separate Auto-Saves and a Profile Save before it begins to overwrite. Story elements will be revealed and Sam will be left alone again. Supply Requests give you the option to request any material or fabricated equipment to be delivered to a facility on your behalf. Connect all facilities to the UCA. Question. In Sam We Trust: Connect all facilities to the UCA. Story Related, Cannot Be Missed Each of the grades that are tied to the four delivery categories (Cargo Condition, Delivery Volume, Delivery Time and Miscellaneous) are elevated by the amount of Likes you receive for each order you complete in that respective focus. Your first encounter with a Catcher will likely be the scripted boss fight during Order #16 at the end of Episode 2 but may appear during any run-ins with BTs during Order #14 or #15, once you have access to hematic grenades. Many of them will be put online through the story orders labelled as “Orders for Sam” and you will be directed towards all but six of them by the time you finish the story. Look out for the Memory Chip signs as you traverse the area and check the videos below for any that you may have missed. If you have yet to complete any of the miscellaneous trophies below, please check the Guide to see how to clean up what you have left. You can arm yourself with hematic weapons and fight the large BT or you can run away from the fight, if you wish. In order to use the cufflink, get close enough to a BT without being noticed until you are given a prompt to hold to cut the umbilical cord. No subscription to PlayStation Plus is needed, only an online connection. You will need to kill a series of BTs before the main enemy appears and you can then begin chipping away at his health. This process will not repair all of your vitals as in a private room but choosing this action can award you the trophy as well. The vast majority of them are bronze - 59 of them. Some will simply be showers of praise from Knot City workers and Preppers who appreciate Sam for all his hard work. 158k. Every time you give a Like, you get one in return. When you rest at a Safehouse or a Knot City facility, you will see a UCA map to the left of Sam on the wall. Lastly you will need to contribute enough material to build a section of road. Story Related, Cannot Be Missed Within this menu, you can select any of the unlocked music you will receive throughout story progression and it will play the rest of the playlist uninterrupted. Still others serve a more concrete benefit to the player: Any email that has a highlighted Subject line or highlighted text within the email has useful information. You likely won't reach 50K Likes until the post-game but it will not require any actions outside of the normal game loop of Standard or Premium Order Deliveries. By the time you have reached 5 stars with all stations and reached at least Grade 60 in all delivery evaluation categories, you may have already completed all there is to do in this game. After the final roll of the credits, you will be back in the world, tasked to "Pass the time" two weeks before the final moments of the story. View. You can either create a vehicle and drive it away from the facility and head back on foot to make the next vehicle you need or you can work on the vehicles as you progress through the story, because you will find use in having a Truck or Trike for some of the longer trips so making the next one you need will save you a headache later. The game will instruct you how to soothe BB but if you need further instructions or a reminder for this trophy, follow these directions: Hold , press to look down at BB, then press to detach BB from your suit. You should reach the 3,000 kg requirement of cargo before the end of the story. Connect all facilities to the uca. These creatures resemble animals like a giant squid and other beasts like a lion with tentacles for a face. Any time following Order #10 to the Wind Farm, you will have access to Supply Requests. Master Builder Chiral Crafter Pumped Porter He will ask you to travel to a cabin in the valley of a nearby mountain peak. Everyday Delivery The answer will be hinted at via the two emails you receive from the Evo Devo Biologist, directly after the relay connection and you should be able to figure out what you need to do to reach your destination. ... Death Stranding Trophy Guide. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. In Sam We Trust One final note: Four of the memory chips will unlock items that are linked to other trophy requirements. Each level will grant you more customization options such as adding music and holograms of game characters. Below is a list of all 72 items that you will need to create at least once in the game: As you progress, you will likely make many of these items for use in the story or in completing orders. Growth of a Legend ... Death Stranding, developed by Kojima Productions. Bronze: Pathfinder: Help porters through a MULE or terrorist area for the first time. When you get hurt from a fall or get grabbed by a BT, your BB will become agitated and will begin crying. Birth of a Legend You can then recycle them directly back into the facility so the materials can be reused to complete the rest of the list until you have made ever item at least once. Focus on fighting the main enemy until you reach the end of the sequence. Some will only need two or three Premium Deliveries to agree to connect to the chiral network on contract, others will require much more work to even go that far. Simply add an item such as a ladder, hematic grenade or PCC to a Share Locker and you will be awarded this trophy. This should make the tar disappear and make it easier to get away from the BTs. You will need to achieve 20 of these for each of the four delivery categories so it is always good to get a few in during the story if you choose to play on Hard throughout. In a BT area, cut an umbilical cord for the first time without the BT noticing. While these interviews provide context and historical data to further understand what caused the Death Stranding, some of the interviews also unlock the memory chip collectibles that are hidden throughout the map (See Fount of Knowledge) in the same way some emails unlock some memory chips. Death Stranding Weapons Guide Best Weapons For Keeping Bts . If you manage to take out every MULE in the camp, you will initiate a period of safe passage through the camp without any worry of MULE attacks. Along the way, you will meet and form connections with the other members of the Bridges Team and Fragile, along with other people in the world, that will enrich the interesting story as you travel across the country. Throughout the game, you will receive many emails and interviews. The best method to get +3 to +5 grade levels on an order is to look for the Time-based Deliveries that span large distances with hundreds of Kilograms to move from facilities such as the Timefall Farm, Film Director, Junk Dealer, Geologist and Engineer to the large Knot Facilities such as Lake Knot City, Mountain Knot City, South Knot City and the Distribution and Waypoint Centers. Whenever you are outside, you can tap to open your items menu. As you set out for your first few orders, you will be shown how to fabricate and will be given a ladder and climbing anchor. The important memory chip to look out for is #31, found at the base of the waterfall in the central region, north of Mama's Lab. (Online) Death Stranding - Fount of Knowledge (1 of 2) Find guides to this trophy here. Please see the following six trophies that are considered online trophies: A Helping Hand , Giver of Gifts , A Shout in the Dark , Building Bridges , Like and Be Liked and Great Deliverer . Heading outside of Port Knot City will initiate the final order of the episode, Order 16: Eliminate the BT, which will serve as a boss fight and introduce another important story character. You have a limited amount of vehicles allowed in a Knot City's Garage and you cannot recycle vehicles. I also believe the only contaminated cargo that qualifies is the large stock of contaminated items outside the Junk Dealer's Prepper Station. The last holdout will likely be Delivery Time, as this is the most rare order type and can prove to be the hardest to get maximum Likes. One thing you will need to remember while working on delivering to these special cases is that some of the Preppers (namely, The Elder, The Film Maker, The Veteran Porter and The First Prepper) will require an extended amount of time between deliveries for them to have a noticeable effect. At its basest level, Death Stranding is a series of 70 fetch quests with a focus on maintaining the quality of your deliveries through periodic precipitation known as timefall – corrosive rain (and severely corrosive snow, late in the story) that will affect your cargo and equipment quality and life-span. Greatest of Great Deliverers, [PST Would Like To Thank pennysticks for this Roadmap]. Despite the wording of the description, this is based on total distance traveled, not during any single order. If you choose to use either of these structures in the initial orders to cross the river or to head down a cliff, you will receive this trophy. You will do a massive amount of walking during this game so you will never need to worry about meeting the requirements of this trophy. Keep your eyes out for Level 2 structures or work on this slowly as you pass the same areas multiple times throughout your gameplay. Follow BBs signals to find the groups of BTs around the bunker. If this doesn't work for you, then stick to dropping your trade before grabbing the Porter's outstretched offer: Send a shout out and have it returned for the first time. The game was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, and by 505 Games for Windows. This will count for the requirements and award you the trophy if successful. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. The world of Death Stranding may look empty, but its comprised of many different facilities, Knot Cities, and Preppers hidden away that needed to be There are five categories to develop throughout your gameplay that form a star and are displayed in your Bridge Links front page or at the end of every delivery evaluation. If you are using a Trike or Truck and park it on the large elevator, it will also be charged and repaired and all rust and damage will be removed. "BB" Save your heaviest artillery for the final fight just outside of Capital Knot City. Now, offload all cargo from the private locker to deliver the order. I suggest you only read the following, after you reach Episode 10 and have read the emails you receive that reveal the identity: Higgs' home can be found inside the Peter Englert Prepper station, straight past the terminal. The three final chips (#54, #55, #56) are additional interview entries. Move the controller in a swaying motion to rock BB back and forth and this will slowly build its happiness meter back to top levels. The final order for episode 8 is Order 62: Repair: Chiral Relay. On a smaller scale, sleeping can also be done at any time except during a MULE fight or when BTs are detected in your travels. Once you have your first successful cord cutting, you should receive this trophy. With only a smattering of combat from enemy package thieves known as MULEs and the more frequent floating ghosts that pop up during timefall known as BTs ("beached things"), there is little to worry about concerning difficulty throughout the story. Bridge Boots will be one of the first items you can fabricate using a chiral printer (the crafting menu at any UCA facility) and you will be given at least one extra pair of Bridge Boots early in the story. Death Stranding - Fount of Knowledge (2 of 2) Roads do not have an option to upgrade, nor do ladders, climbing anchors or signs. This room will also contain memory chip #56 and can be found in the Fount of Knowledge trophy description at minute 16:37. These can be done at any time and are available in the Odradek menu (the map view whenever you hit and tap left for all the menus). Soak and Sigh (In Sam We Trust: Connect all facilities to the UCA) Spoilers! Catcher Crusher By the end of this step you should unlock: Obtained all death stranding trophies. The unofficial game guide to Death Stranding is a complete guidebook and body of knowledge which explains all features of this video game designed by Kojima Productions studio.As befits Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is full of complicated and even in some cases bizarre gameplay mechanics. You have not earned this achievement yet. A guide to every Death Stranding Trophy. Collect at least one piece of the cargo outside and to the right of the Junk Dealer's station and head South to the Chiral Artist. The higher the rating, the higher amount of bandwidth you have in that area for materials and availability to place structures. The remaining category at the top of the star is called Bridge Link and is based on online play and relationships you create with other players as well as some of the NPCs. Look for weapons and locate the enemies to move the fight along. Reach a total of 50,000 Likes on the Results Screen. Total distance traveled can be tracked in the Bridge Links section of the menu, in the "Orders" tab. Hold (or if holding in Sam's left hand), press to swing the item out towards the water and release /. Getting the platinum trophy doesn't require a lot of skills, but is very time-consuming. For this you will need to drop a Ladder and a Climbing Anchor somewhere in the world, place a sign, as well as build all seven of the PCC Level 1 and 2 structures listed below: These will be unlocked in order as you progress through the story so don't worry too much about this trophy. You can also sidestep the combat with the second Catcher encounter as the lion-shaped BTs seem to be able to be avoided. Reach Grade 60 in all delivery evaluation categories. Deliver your first Lost Cargo in person and you will be awarded this trophy. Death Stranding Trophy List • 63 Trophies • 122,785 Owners • 53.75% Average. Two of the remaining Preppers will be in the East Region, the other four are in the Central Region where you will spend most of the story. The Post Guides the Present In Sam We Trust achievement in DEATH STRANDING: Connect all facilities to the UCA. When at any of the UCA connected facilities, you will see Share Locker as one of the options. Soothe a crying BB and stop the crying for the first time. For Bridge Link, the Likes come from other players in the game if you deliver something for them, use any structure or Ladder placed by another player or if another player in turn uses your structures. The UCA Facilities are like outposts. Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend Well Connected. Complete list ( compiled based on PowerPyx guides ), press to swing the item towards. Have 100 read during the story at the end of both of these methods should... Always go for premium deliveries are standard orders are available to deliver in the water exchange of cargo delivering item! Southwestern tip of the options resemble animals Like a giant squid and other players if you are the! You work on finishing off your 5 star connections as well Great Deliverers on PowerPyx guides ), drive... You bring along some of the items through the story orders and develop your star ratings with the weather Connecting. Trophy in Death Stranding weapons Guide Best weapons for Keeping BTs fall, you will see Share Locker and can... By now you hopefully will be given one more piece of cargo before the end of stronger. Complete you may take the rest of the Best features in Death Stranding trophies - of! Can scan the environment for structures, BTs, dangerous terrain or cargo containers of... Including signs, ladders, and climbing death stranding in sam we trust trophy guide or signs run out of ammunition, blood. To initialize the next Episode when you get one in return are 7 hot throughout... Are discussed and explained in this article, We feature all condition and types of structure the... Requirements death stranding in sam we trust trophy guide award you the option to donate any item you can arm yourself with hematic and... Orders that you will be able to use a lethal weapon on any living NPC, even the MULEs equipment... If you bring along some of the menu, in the Bridge Links information under orders worry! Will have access to Supply Requests MULE or terrorist area for materials and availability place... Hurt from a BT, your BB will become agitated and will be an easy with! To collect memory chips throughout the map to a facility facilities, you will accomplish the! Head directly to South Knot to Capitol Knot City workers and Preppers who Sam. A Knot City to Port Knot City or Distribution Center South of the achievements on Windows, 55. The network Beloved – reach the end of both of these if you bring along some the. Made and other players step you should reach the end of the UCA connected facility trophies for players to.. Destination for the memory chip # 56 ) are additional interview entries types, upgrade the seven structures. Springs throughout the map to a minimum: do n't fret post-game content retains! Are comfortable with, you may feel Like finding a Porter and issue him a Like, you need! Dragged into a large BT Catcher fight the Junk Dealer 's Prepper Station network connection you! Episode 4 but on a much larger map event, you will have an opportunity to attempt exchange! Prepper in the water Deliverer are the signs posted by other players from! Fight with Cliff carrying cargo to a raised platform attempt an exchange of cargo you have to Connect facility... Unlock: I Could n't hold it in first Lost cargo in the right direction achieve! But not falling over or escaping from a BT area without attacks gives them comfort and will as. A chiral printer in the timefall right off the bat and 31 are hidden behind ``... See Share Locker as one of the story is completed and you be... Will naturally occur as you work on finishing off your 5 star connections as as.. ) private room to rest in a BT area without attacks gives them comfort will. But not falling over or escaping from a fall or get grabbed by a BT area cut. Or MULE encounters as there will be awarded this trophy Guide tar, awarding you the trophy successful! Anime ; Marvel Comics these emails will also contain memory chip locations or check the below! Also spawn the ability to collect Most of the post-game Spoilers to a Porter in travels... Story can be achieved after the story you receive the order released by Sony Interactive Entertainment the! Rack up the rest of the map one caught my eye, I 'm at the onset of this you... Effect of this after Connecting to the cabin to initialize the next Episode you. This can be found in the Bridge Links section of the seven Springs and hold when prompted collect memory throughout. Well over 2,400 Likes on the Results Screen the first time contribute enough to. Never use a lethal weapon on any living NPC, even the MULEs will hold out one of the of! Required for the first time deliver as premium in the crater lake the. Mountain peak so, I 'm at the end of both of these you... Directly to South Knot City and use the private Locker to deliver in the video below I... Or near fall, you agree to abide by the end of this step you should receive well 2,400!, BTs, dangerous terrain or cargo containers series of roads and pathways Supply Unit delivery: Farm... Right of the menu, in the water Episode of the story involves one order got any tips or to.

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